Bemay Toy Co., Ltd.(China)
ChinaThu 18th October 2018

Bemay Toy Industrial Co. Ltd is proud to be an industry leading company which strives for customer satisfaction in the import, export, and logistical solutions in the toy industry.

Since 1995, Bemay has established a high level of quality in its selection of toys with standardized and modernized facilities. With strong and capable staff, we will ensure satisfaction and have received compliments from our countless number of clients from Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, New Zealand and Australia. We keep close personal ties with thousands of manufacturers and provide excellent customer service. By seeking long term business partners, we aim to please with honest and reliable customer service.

Bemay Industrial Co. Ltd is a dynamic and growing manufacturer situated in
the center of the toy industry, Shantou, China. With offices in North
America and Europe, our engineers and sales staff is happy to assist you for
all of your manufacturing needs. We specialize in R/C vehicles ranging from
2-6 channel vehicles. With an in-depth knowledge of cars, boats, helicopters
and new exciting hybrids, Bemay Industrial Co. Ltd can produce high quality
items at very reasonable prices. We do not take any short cuts and are
extremely proud to combine a fusion of Western knowledge with Eastern
competitiveness. We have successful produced a wide variety of items ranging
from small plastic promotional items to large scale projects for government
programs. We invite you to manufacture your next toy with us for a hassle and
stress free production.

Our mission is to provide quality products and provide our clients the flexibility and adaptability that all markets require. Our extensive use of information systems and constant feedback from suppliers and customers means we can analyze product and market demand and since we do not have inventories.

We welcome custom and original orders. We appreciate any input and welcome you to contact us today!

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